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In early October, we had a nice, long day filming at Rx Xpress Pharmacy. We were contracted to make 3 spots from the footage, but ended up giving them 6. Spots like this are great fun for us. The first two spots were scripted and the other four were crafted from testimonials that we collected on the day of the shoot. 95% percent of the time having finished scripts is the preferred way to shoot to account your shooting time, but when you are lucky enough to work with real people who are able to preform like pro talent it can make for a great shoot.

RX Xpress was so please with our original run of spots that they requested that we turn one of the spots into a Holiday spot. All of the spots are available for viewing on this page.

View the spots below.

"Caring For You and About You" Rx Xpress Spot

"First Choice for Bumps and Brusies" Rx Xpress Spot

"Rx Skin Therapy" Rx Xpress Spot

"Greeted Like a Friend" Rx Xpress Spot

"Personalized Care" Rx Xpress Spot

"Holiday Spot" Rx Xpress Spot

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